Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Wag and Bone Show

It was my most exciting day yet! Me, Sally, Nan & Jack went to the Wag and Bone Show for the day. Nearly all the dogs in the world were there. I said hello to as many of them as I could - its called networking you know! There were some dogs who were busy working - we watched some "hearing dogs for the deaf" and then we went to listen to a talk by a very nice chap - Roger Mugford - who thought that people if they wanted to have dogs should have more than one. I'd really like another dog to live with me and Sally but Sally says not until I am a bigger.

There was lots to see and do but it was a very warm day so after lunch I had a rest in the shade with Sally. Jack was very good - he did the "Super Sit" where you have to sit or lie down for two minutes with lots of other dogs without getting up. Sally said I was too little to join in but I could have slept for two minutes if that would have been alright.

Then Nan and Jack did the "Have-A-Go-Agility-Course" - he was brilliant and the woman with them said he was a "natural" and should go to classes. I think Jack would like that. I couldn't do it because I was too little (again!). So I'm really looking forward to next year when I will do everything.

Here is picture of Jack doing the agility course and another one of me and Jack having a rest.